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Party of Five (Ep. 107): "Speak for Yourself" - Whole Episode

  • Airdate: Feb 12, 2020
  • TV Series, Drama

Password: Medico


Brandon Larracuente, Niko Guardado, Emily Tosta, Elle Paris Legaspi, Garcia, Sol Rodrigues, Audrey Gerthoffer, Paulina Alvarez, David Rees Smell, Nick Bailey, Jo Beth Locklear, Sari Arambulo, Rudy Marquez, Alex Vaughan, Jeffrey Larson, Thomas Varga, Darby Simpson and Mann Alfonso


Lucia decides to host a fundraiser at the restaurant and finds her voice along the way. Emilio faces an identity crisis. Beto goes behind Ella's back. Val struggles to maintain her false identity, but is outed to a member of the family.

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