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Station 19 (Ep. 503): "Too Darn Hot" - Whole Episode

  • Airdate October 14, 2021 on ABC
  • TV Series, Drama

Password: MEDICO


Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jaon George, Brois Kodjoe, Grey Damnon, Barrett Doss, Jay Hayden, Okieriete Onaodowan, Danielle Savre, Stefania Spampinato, Carlos Miranda, Josh Randall, Alain Uy, Camille Chen, Lindsey Gort, Lauren Bowles, Jim Cashman, Noah Alexander Gerry, Lucas Armendariz, Bamm Erichsen, Xochitl Romero, Danny Blom, Mark Mandia, Ron Rogge, Jazzma Crofton, Chris Patrickson, Cary Christopher, Lily Fisher, Toby Grey, Cameron Gayden


When a heat wave hits Seattle, Station 19 becomes a cooling center and chaos ensues with locals who aren't used to the extreme temperatures. Andy deals with regret and finds a friend in Theo.

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